Destroying a Hard Drive

A hard drive can contain lots of sensitive data of a person, business or entity that owned it. It is important to dispose a discarded hard drive properly and permanently. Just erasing the data is not sufficient. It only makes the data invisible and inaccessible to the user but there are many methods by which the hidden data can be fetched from a discarded hard drive. A variety of hard drive destruction techniques are used to destroy the drives completely and permanently.

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Data on the hard drives is stored magnetically on a platter which is smaller than a CD. The hard drive unit also has RAM which contains a small amount of data. A high magnetic field is the only way to completely erase the information on the hard drive. The machine used for this purpose is called a degausser. It is a secure and approved solution. It is important to use security agencies listed hard drive degaussers. These machines can be used to erase data from all types of hard drives, flash memory systems and magnetic storage devices.

Physically Destroying Hard Drive

There are special machines that help destroy the hard drive physically. Once the data from the magnetic media has been wiped out with the help of a degaussing machine, it is time to destroy its physical components so that data can never be recovered. The machine used for this purpose warps and crushes the hard drive. It does it in such a way that the hard drive becomes completely unrecoverable. It helps prevent sensitive data falling into the wrong hands.

Hard Drive Shredder

A hard drive shredder is another way to physically destroy the hard drive permanently. The first step is to use a degausser machine to erase data from the hard drive. In the next step a hard drive shredder is used to shred the hard drive in small bits. There are different models of hard drive shredders for different applications and different types of hard drives. The heavy-duty machines destroy the hard drive permanently. This machine has reverse operation feature so if a jam occurs during the shredding process, it stops and switches into reverse to fix the jam. It prevents any fly-away debris hitting the person carrying out the hard drive shredding process. There are many machines available for this purpose.

Professional Hard Drive Disposal Service

There are many companies that specialise in hard drive disposal services. They take responsibility of destroying the hard drive completely and permanently. Most of them offer onsite services. They come to the site with their vehicle equipped with the hard drive erasing and destroying machines. They do the destruction of hard drives in front of the customer. It is to ensure there is no doubt in the mind of the customer whether the hard drive was destroyed or not. At the same time, these companies also offer offsite services for the destruction of hard drives. They ensure secure transportation of all hard drives to their worksite where different types of machines are used to erase data and then destroy the hard drives physically and permanently. The advantage of outsourcing this job to a specialist company is that there is no need to worry about e-waste disposal after the destruction. Such companies dispose e-wastes as required under the local e-waste disposal laws.